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Responsibility of Installer & End User / Home Owner:
1. Must read and follow instructions of manufacturer's owner manual / installation manual. Read and follow all instructions.  Retain and utilize the owners manual and transfer to future users of this equipment.  WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury or death follow all safety instructions.
2. Install the gate operator according to the manufacturer's installation instructions!
3. Gate operators are intended for installation only on gates used for vehicles.  Pedestrians must be supplied with a separate access opening.  Always keep people and objects away from the gate system.  NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF THE MOVING GATE.  Never allow anyone to climb under, over or through a gate or the adjacent fence area.
4. Never allow children to operate or play with gate or gate controls.  Keep portable controls out of reach of children.
5. Keep all obstructions clear of the vicinity of the path of the gate system.  Always be certain that the gate area is clear of pedestrians before operating the gate.  Allow the user full view of the gate when operating.
6. Install operating controls ( ie. digital keypads, key switches, push buttons, card readers, phone entry systems ) where users cannot touch, or reach through the gate while operating controls.  Install controls where user has full view of gate operation.  Secure controls from unauthorized use.  Install video / surveillance cameras for full view of gate system for gates being opened  by telephone entry systems.  For gate systems with vehicle detectors and vehicle probes ( exit systems ) install warning / stop sign to inform driver of vehicle to not proceed past this point unless gates are clear of pedestrians or obstacles.
7. Test all features for proper functions before placing the automatic vehicular gate into service.
8. Routinely check all gate operator functions, safety functions and gate movement.  Discontinue use if safety systems operate improperly, the gate is damaged, or the gate is difficult to move.  Contact a trained gate system technician to maintain and repair the gate system.  Never over tighten the operator clutch or load sensing device to compensate for a damaged or stiff operating gate.  Keep gates properly maintained.  Test the gate operator monthly.
9. Prominently display and maintain warning signs on both sides of the gate. 

After installing gate and before placing automatic vehicular gate into service be sure and purchase and field install the following:
1. Primary and secondary entrapment protection devices.
2. Install safety roller covers eliminating pinch points or entrapment on rolling / sliding gates.  No exposed rollers.
3. Install mesh to sliding gates and to the area of the adjacent fence that the rolling gate slides past allowing no openings large enough to allow a sphere of 2 1/4" to pass through any portion of the gate or adjacent fence.
4. Eliminate any pinch point hazards, crush hazards, or entrapment hazards.
Everyone's safety is the highest priority of American Fence & Supply, the gate operator manufacturer and the manufacturer of hardware, component parts and accessories of gate systems.  If you have any concerns, questions, or problems please contact Boo Custer at our League City, Texas location, Rick Mashburn at our Georgetown, Texas location, the gate operator manufacturer and / or manufacturer of accessories / components for additional information.


****This printing is intended to aid in safe automatic vehicular gate systems and does not intend / nor claim to address all issues of safety.  American Fence & Supply nor its associates assume any responsibility for the collective comments of these suggestions.