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Delgard Fence Planning
For Residential, Aero & Industrial Grade Fencing

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Delgard Fence Planning

How To Plan
1. Create a sketch of the area you wish to install your fence (use sample above as a guide).
2. Establish all gate(s) and/or transition location
3. Determine number of sections; keep in mind that if a required section is less than 6', this will require the section to be trimmed. Example: 20' of fence will require 4 sections (4 sections x 6' = 24', 4' must be trimmed to accommodate installation).
4. Determine the number of posts. Note - all gates must be installed with left and right gate posts only.
5. Enhance your design as you like by adding accessories such as scrolls, finials, ball caps, etc.

Before Installation
Consult your building department for local code requirements. Check with utility companies to locate underground pipes, lines, cables, etc.

Basic Installation Instructions*
1. Dig post hole.
2. Insert appropriate post into hole (Figure 1).
3. Slide the fence-section rails into the pre-punched post (Figure 2).
4. Fill post-hole with concrete.
5. Secure with enclosed screws.
6. Plumb and level the posts and pickets while the concrete is setting. Brace the post as necessary while concrete sets.
7. Hang gate(s) to appropriate gate post(s).
8. Attach any gate or post hardware and/or fence accessories.

*Please reference product boxes for detailed installation instructions

Delgard Fence Planning

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